Chandan Kumar Jha

Chandan Kumar Jha

Chairman & Managing Director

At Tricolour, we take a certain pride in our vision and insight of your world. It helps us appreciate your needs better. It is no secret that when you choose Tricolour, you choose to escape mediocrity, and take a giant leap into a bigger and better future.

The seeds of development at Tricolour was shown by Mr. Chandan Kumar Jha, the Founder and Managing Director of TRICOLOUR PROPERTIES PVT. LTD.

A first generation entrepreneur, his responsibilities as Managing Director are two fold. One is strategic, leading to conceptualizing new business development strategies and second foraying into new businesses with innovative ideas and dynamic thought process, he transforms vision into reality, giving the company its competitive edge.

I sincerely thank you all for always standing beside through the journey of Tricolour. Started with a modest beginning of real estate, today Tricolour stands tall after giving quality of investment to Thousands of families in Real Estate. We cater to multiple geographies with real estate projects in all ranges.

Our focus has been on the common man of the country, and to reach such destinations which are new to organized real estate. In reciprocation, the market today has grown to recognize us as a responsible leader of tomorrow.

We believe that value creation is an everlasting phenomenon and trust is not built overnight. We construct bridges, with those who are special to us. Someone like YOU.

Ranjan Kumar Jha

Ranjan Kumar Jha

Executive Director

Tricolour Properties Private Limited is always strives hard to provide qualitative services to our esteemed Customers. As a Executive Director of Tricolour Properties I would thank Mr.Chandan Kumar Jha, Chairman and Managing Director giving me this opportunity of serving this Company.

Tricolour is a Customer focussed company, where in we ensure that our primary objective is achieved in every aspect, which is customer satisfaction. Here in Tricolour we have one and only important person none other than the esteemed Customer, he is the sole reason for our success, so we feel that Customer’s satisfaction is more important over the business we do And we in Tricolour evaluate our’s and our employees performance based on the feedback we get from our customers.

Tricolour has both workforce and teamwork with a proper vision which lays the foundation for our long lasting relationships with customers, bonded with a concrete called faith they have entrusted in us.

Concluding my version I would like to thank our pride i.e., the whole staff of Tricolour Properties Pvt. Ltd., irrespective of departments for putting in their tireless efforts for Company’s success.

K Ramkishan

K Ramkishan

Marketing Director

Firstly I would like to start off by wishing all our customers and staff of Tricolour Properties Pvt. Ltd. a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. And I would like to thank Mr. Chandan Kumar Jha, Chairman and Managing Director of Tricolour for giving me this opportunity as one of the Directors for this company.

According to us, ‘Customer’s satisfaction is most valuable thing and Customer’s Loyalty is priceless.’ And in this aspect Tricolour is successful in acquiring such loyal customers through the Qualitative services we provide. Almost every customer of ours is loyal and maintains healthy relation with the company. The Key to our success lies in our values like integrity,respect, team work, motivation and innovation which are encouraged and followed in our organization.

Our Mission is to be the leading Luxury developers in the realizing our customer’s dream both in term of budget as well as satisfaction. And our company’s crew including development partners such as Architects, Designers, Contractors, Legal advisors, Marketing Staff and all other staff are highly skilled and experienced.

We provide the right working environment for talented employees. At Tricolour, appraisals are also given to our employees, who are outstanding in terms of Qualitative work as a token of encouragement.

Finally our Policy is


Ritesh kumar

Ritesh kumar

Regional Project Director (Patna)

When we started our Project Spring Fields at Patna, it was just a new experience for the people of Bihar and as well as for me in terms of new developments and the USP of Tricolour I.e. Plots on EMI.

After Completion of 2 and half years we can realize that with real effort of our team and management this idea had already changed the real estate market of Bihar and Jharkhand. Thanks to the vision of our MD & Chairman Mr. Chandan Kumar Jha.

At Present we are running two projects in Patna and Darbhanga for open plots and hope fully awaiting for more projects of open plots as well as Apartments and Villas.

In Tricolour we are here to fulfil the dreams and vision of our company and to provide a quality services and products to our valuable customers. These goals can be only achievable when we came together with team efforts. And on behalf of my team i can assure all our valuable customers, management and all our colleagues that we will make our services better and better in coming year.

Rupak kumar Rai

Rupak kumar Rai

Project Director (Patna)

After great success of Hyderabad, Patna, Darbhanga, & Vizag Venture, I feel very proud and glad for Bangalore Venture & thanks to our Respected CMD Mr. Chandan Kumar Jha for great vision & support all around.

After adding the Bangalore Project gives us great joyful felling, finally on behalf of the whole Tricolour Family wish you a great success and congratulation

I am therefore confident to state that our company has indeed turned the corner since 2010 and is now headed towards our destiny, which is to become a ‘great company’. This was demonstrated by our sustained Performance trajectory from 2010 to 2018.

We recognize the vast prospect of the Tricolour Properties (P) Ltd. and we are focused on maintaining our promises that was committed by us.

Kishore Jha

Kishore Jha

Regional Project Director (Darbhanga)

Every people have a dream for his own home. Darbhanga, heart of Mithila region , a city known internationally known for its intelligencia and multiple achievements. World widely lots of name of different scholars from different field are well known. Unfortunately, this specific region is also under developed till the date. Due to fertile-vision of a son of mithila Mr. Chandan Kumar Jha, M.D. TRI COLOUR PROPERTIES PVT. LTD in the field of real estate whatever success gained in a short period is a amazing story of development in the field of real estate. These days TRI COLOUR PROPERTIES PVT. LTD is an esteemed organisation and a well known brand in its sector. It has a good ethical and enthusiastic team and a clear cut agenda for development work for a region. So, it started a project in EAST-WEST CORIDORE on NH 57 named IMPERIAL PARK-a township for common people.

A revolutionary initiative by Imperial Park in Darbhanga city is a big phenomenon in the real estate world. Easy mode payment designed by the company influences the common people to opt their dream come true as real.

We are very thankful to our respected customers who shown faith in our project and sales team, official colleagues and the vision of this company too, which helped to establishment a reliance in a short period.

Suryanarayana Raju

Suryanarayana Raju

Project Director (Vizag)

Happiness is something which is felt when we achieve great success in our life. Tricolour properties is well established firm in Hyderabad, patna and dharbhanga.

It’s my pleasure to be part of tricolour group to open its wings in Visakhapatnam, smart city and the city of destiny in India.

The group is committed with well organised open plots, furnished apartments, individual villa’s in the front end and hospitals, schools and media which help to maintain the bonding with the humans..

I personally follow the person who always go for the impossible thing to make it possible and take each target as aim. Mr.Chandhan Kumar Jha our CMD of the tricolour group. I being the project director of vizag ventures, follow the path of strong legal verification, self driven developments, in time completion of projects and will assure customer satisfaction at all levels.

We are currently into open plots and will be soon to individual villa’s and flats in vizag and will be starting our ventures in all major cities of andhra pradesh in the coming years..

I thank tricolour group for giving this opportunity to work with the fantastic team and will always put my efforts to deliver the best to the company and customers…

Dr.Neiraj Sham

Dr.Neiraj Sham

Asst. Project Director (Bangalore)

Being a Doctor and an Actor having done 4 movies in Telugu,Kannada and Tamil as a hero and slowly and steadily establishing myself in the south film industry, I can say one thing confidently…Tricolour had to happen to a person with an upbringing full of integrity and ethics..when I came across Mr. Chandan Jha M.D of Tricolour I realised real estate business can be done without compromising on your ethics and values. I could also see how Tricolour is like a big joint family where the employer makes every employee feel that Tricolour belongs to them and that I feel is the real “success mantra” of Tricolour.

Bengaluru is the one and only cosmopolitan city of India with a climate that everyone dreams of, Bengaluru’s real estate growth has been astonishing and I’m really happy and proud to be a part of this journey with Tricolour in Bengaluru. I would strive to make Bengaluru Tricolour a crowning glory in the glittering family of Tricolour.