Architecture is our passion, turning ideas into reality and giving buildings a timeless footprint in a community are the values HnK was built on.
We offer home furniture in a variety of styles for every room in your house home, discover a stylish selection of furniture and home decor at here.
We view landscape design as an integral part of our architecture practice, allowing building and site to become an expression of a singular vision.

About Tricolour Properties

Everybody dreams about a home and this is the right time to pitch in, yes…..owning a piece of land at Hyderabad is very much recommended, because the property prices are realistic and affordable. Besides the institutional and foreign investors, regular investors and NGOs are thronging Hyderabad, as the scope for speedy development is on the cards.

TRICOLOUR is one name that’s being reinforcing dreams, creating strong foundations and building trust. Over the Group has been synonymous with excellence in high-end residential developments at Greater Hyderabad’s most prestigious locations. A young and dynamic company, TRICOLOUR aims at achieving higher standards in Real estate project management, marketing and customer relationship management.

Tricolour Properties are strategically designed not only to enrich the living experiences but also to ameliorate the potential return on your investments over time. Tricolour Properties as a source of investment is a proven testament, a fact that has been endorsed by numerous Tricolour patrons. Several factors account for the appreciation of a property, and Tricolour inculcates every factor before commencing its projects.

Though India as a whole demonstrates enormous potential in the real estate segment, it is imperative to understand the geography that assures the best growth and potential. Southern India has for long been the silent crusader, building and strengthening its real estate development as one of the most sought after destination in the country. Southern India is bolstered with the commercial infrastructural advancement of Hyderabad, industrial and residential highlights of Bihar.